1 Jun

9 Tips To Improve Your Credit Score By: Geoff Lee


Posted by: Goshia Rekawik


An important rule of thumb to remember regarding credit is that YOU are your only advocate for your credit. YOU are the only one that can improve your credit. YOU are the only one that can manage any errors on your credit. YOU are the only one who can determine who pulls and when your credit is looked at.

Frequently, when we move forward with a client’s application for mortgage preapproval, there are errors on the individual’s credit report (some statistics say 80%). It is a MUST that those errors are corrected immediately. Calling the credit bureau company to get those errors corrected are the responsibility of the consumer. The credit bureau company will assist you to correct those errors by providing needed information such as telephone numbers, account numbers, etc to the consumer who is questioning their report. This goes a long way in improving credit. If there are errors, they WILL negatively affect your credit score.

Improve your credit score by….

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